Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Supercharge Your Google Calendar with this New Extension from GQueues

Google Calendar recently updated its design and we at GQueues have been working hard to build one of the very first integrations for the new interface!

Just launched, the GQueues for Google Calendar Chrome Extension allows you to view additional task details and mark tasks complete directly from Google Calendar.

GQueues is already known for its very popular Google Calendar integration with real-time, two-way syncing of changes. This new extension takes things one step further, making you even more efficient as you manage your work.

Check out the Help Docs or watch the video to see how easy it is to get started!

A big thanks to the 90+ beta testers who helped find bugs and provide feedback during the development process!

"I live in my calendar, so being able to manage my tasks from there is great!"
- Tom Hansen, Beta tester
If you're an avid Google Calendar user, then managing tasks is about to get a lot easier for you!


  1. Nice update.

    A great feature i requested years ago would be to have the ability to have different colors in google calender though.

    Maybe this isn't possible in the calender API to have several colors per calender. Then another solution to this would be to have the option to export to qoogle calender on a global or per queue basis, ie have several Gqueue calenders show up in google calender and set color and visibility there.

    It's the one thing that's holding me back from getting an upgraded license and use Gqueues more. Oh, and subQueues...

    1. the per queue calender link could be a regular or smart queue !

    2. Thanks for the feedback, Frederick. This is still on our list of requested improvements!