Saturday, May 23, 2009

Collaboration noteworthy

In the past week we have introduced two new features on GQueues that you have requested for quite some time. Last Saturday we added notes for list items. There is only so much space in the item's name, and often you want to put more details along with the summary. So beneath each item is an expandable notes section where you can type all the info you want, including links to other sites.

Today we rolled out the much anticipated collaboration feature for shared queues. Sharing has been part of GQueues for several months now, but friends could only view a person's list, which is informative, but not all that useful. With the introduction of collaboration, you can now designate others as collaborators for a queue, which gives them the ability to update and change the queue so you can build lists together. And everything is kept in sync in real-time, so multiple people can work on a list at the same and see the others' changes live.

The power of collaborative queues has the potential to make life a lot simpler. For instance, one could easily create a grocery queue and make everyone in the house collaborators. As people think of items they need they simply add it to the list. The next time anyone is at the store they just pull up the collaborative queue on their iPhone to see the most current list to make sure everyone gets what they want.

Or let's say you're planning a camping trip with friends, together you could brainstorm a list of places you might want to go with details and links on each item. With another collaborative queue you could list out all the items needed and people can easily indicate what they can bring.

The possibilities are plentiful and we'd love to hear how you are using the new collaboration feature in GQueues to make life easier.

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