Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time for Reminders

GQueues added two new features this evening to help people stay on top of things even more: times and reminders. If your making a list of tasks due dates are great, but sometimes you want to set a specific time for an item. Now you can add times to your due dates when you need to be more precise. And of course everything still syncs with your Google Calendar, so if you set an item's time in GQueues and then change it through the Google Calendar site, it gets changed in GQueues as well.

Along with the addition of times, you can now set reminders for any item that has a date (or time). You get to choose how to be notified (email, pop-up, or text message) and how much advance notice you want. Now you'll never forget about your top priorities! (NOTE: Reminders are only available if you have enabled Google Calendar integration with GQueues).

To keep your Google Calendar clean, a new setting was added to GQueues as a bonus, which allows you to hide all completed items on your Google Calendar (otherwise they show up with a checkmark next to them).

Thanks again to everyone for your comments and suggestions in the forum. It's great to get feedback from you to help guide the development of the product. (I know there are a lot of great features that were suggested that haven't been implemented yet, but I will continue to work down my list as time permits)!

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