Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Marked Day for the Marketplace

From day one a major goal of GQueues has been to offer seamless integration with Google products and services.  Users have always been able to login with their Gmail accounts and sync with their calendars, and in December of 2009 that same integration was added for organizations using Google Apps.  A year ago today Google made a strong statement of support for enterprise products interfacing with Google Apps by launching the Google Apps Marketplace - and GQueues was quick to join this valuable service.

With businesses now able to install GQueues on their domain, user adoption spreads quickly throughout an organization since it's so easy to get started - just click the "more" menu, GQueues, and you're up and running!

During the past year Google has continued to create more ways for enterprise services to integrate with Apps.  When they launched Gmail Contextual Gadgets last Spring GQueues took advantage by creating a gadget that lets you easily turn emails into GQueues tasks.  And with the preview release of integrated billing in December 2010, Google Apps admins can now purchase GQueues directly from the Marketplace and manage licenses right from the Admin Dashboard.  New users have always been able to try GQueues for free, but with the Marketplace they can also read feedback from other real, verified customers who are currently using the service.

Join me in celebrating the first birthday of the Marketplace and look forward to more integration and services to help your organization manage tasks in the year to come!


  1. Hi,

    How can one contact you guys to refund an order? I don't want to contact the bank before I try contacting you first.

    Thanks for quickly replying back.


  2. Jad - You can send an email to accounts [AT] gqueues [DOT] com with account-specific questions. -Cameron

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