Wednesday, May 11, 2011

GQueues Mobile Launched, Win a Xoom or iPad 2

You can now create, edit and manage your tasks on the go, even offline, with GQueues Mobile.
To get started just go to on your mobile device.
It is only available for users with a paid subscription or free trial account. However, if you are a GQueues Lite user you can start a new 2-week free trial so you can take GQueues Mobile for a spin.
GQueues Mobile was built targeting iPhones, iPads, Android phones and Android tablets, but it will work with most devices that support HTML5 (such as the Blackberry Playbook tablet).
Watch the video or read the docs to find out more.

Win a Xoom or iPad 2!

To celebrate the launch of GQueues Mobile we're giving away a tablet! One lucky winner will have the choice of receiving a new Motorola Xoom running Android or an Apple iPad 2.
To enter all you need to do is visit on your mobile device and login with your GQueues account by May 20th.
The winner will be announced here on the blog on May 23rd.
Read the full contest rules

UPDATE (May 23, 2011): The winner has been selected and notified.  Once a response is received and eligibility confirmed the winner will be announced on the blog.

UPDATE (May 30, 2011): The selected winner did not respond within 5 days.  In accordance with the contest rules, a new winner has been selected and notified.


  1. The mobile app is great. Much quicker than the mobile version of the site. I love it. Great work Cameron.

  2. Hi Cameron,

    Great work getting it be available offline. I've got myself a 2 week trial (sorry, haven't got a paid account yet!) and had a brief play with it, will check it out in detail later on.

    I just wanted to mention that although the older mobile version wouldn't work offline, I liked the UI more because it had better transitions and it felt more like a native app. I'm a developer myself so am quite interested to know what (if any) mobile web app framework/toolkit you used. I'm guessing the new version uses a different framework and that's why the UI looks/feels different. I'm working on two projects where we have to develop a mobile version of the site/app so you're suggestion or your experience would be very useful. There's so many out there now, its crazy.

    Anyway thanks again.

  3. @Ziad - The old mobile version was loosely based on iUI. I did not use any framework for the new mobile version and just designed the interface myself - which I tried to make more device agnostic instead of looking like an iPhone app. I left out some things like the transition animations preferring speed over having a "cool effect".