Monday, October 28, 2013

Create Powerful Saved Searches in GQueues

Two weeks ago GQueues added full text searching of tasks - one of the most requested features from the GQueues community.  While the search box makes it easy to quickly find any task, saved searches give you a powerful way to filter and organize your work for retrieval at any time.

Many users often ask how to see a specific set of tasks, such as "everything I completed yesterday," "tasks due next week", or "all tasks with notes."  Custom Smart Queues can be created to show many of these sets, but some are not possible with the available options. Now with Advanced Search you have the power to filter tasks on a much wider variety of criteria and can save searches as Smart Queues for quick access later.

You can search for tasks based on specific criteria using the Advanced Search panel, and then click save search to make it a Smart Queue.

The Advanced Search panel is very intuitive, but some searches can only be expressed using the GQueues query language, which is easy to learn with a few examples.  For instance, to view all tasks completed in September type this into the search box:
Once you've tested and fine-tuned your search criteria, open the Advanced Search panel by clicking the arrow on the right, and then click save search at the bottom.
Give it a name and click Save to create a Smart Queue with this search.

Below are some more searches using the query language which you can copy and modify as needed to use in your own account.

Completed today

Completed in the last 7 days

Created today

Due in November

Tagged, but no due date

Without a certain tag

With 2 or more tags

With this tag, but not that tag

Either of these tags, but not that tag

With no tags

Not assigned to anyone

Without notes

Are there other searches you use or would like to know how to setup? Share them in the comments.