Monday, March 24, 2014

Android App Updated with Top Feature Requests

Today GQueues released a significant update to its Android app packed with users' most highly-requested features and improvements. The new version includes a quick view widget for the homescreen and lockscreen, adjustable font-size for tasks, a DashClock extension, homescreen shortcuts, and Google Now integration.

Watch the video below for highlights of all the new additions.

People who have auto-update enabled most likely already have the new version. Everyone else can install the update or download the app from Google Play now.

Don't have a GQueues subscription? Everyone can try out the new version of the app for two weeks free (even if a free trial has been used in the past).

A special thanks to the 40+ beta testers who discovered bugs and suggested changes over the past three weeks. Contributions from users help ensure the right changes and improvements are made to have the biggest impact for everyone!

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