Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Just Released: Business Transformation Guide for Google Apps

The Cloud Alliance for Google Apps just published a 40-page, comprehensive Business Transformation Guide for Google Apps.

This document is completely free and can be downloaded here:

The guide provides a change management plan for teams and workplaces transitioning to Google Apps. As outlined on the website, it is particularly useful for:
  • An executive looking to guide your organization through the biggest IT shift in decades. 
  • An IT administrator who wants to make a difference and make your own life easier. 
  • A Google Apps reseller seeking insight on helping your customers adopt the platform. 
  • A tech-savvy employee looking to drive change from the bottom up. 
As a proud member of the Cloud Alliance, we couldn't be more thrilled to recommend this powerful new business tool to our community. Please, check it out!

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