Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Customer Spotlight: Swimelar CPA Grows Client Base with GQueues

This blog is part of the GQueues 2015 Customer Success series. Every week through May, we will feature a valued customer’s experience to showcase how their organization increases productivity, collaboration and efficiency using GQueues. To view all the success stories, please visit www.gqueues.com/customers.

Swimelar CPA is an accounting and payroll firm in Frisco, Texas. Principal and founding member Michael Swimelar leads their four-person team to provide on-site and remote tax preparation services to clients nationwide.

In 2012, one of Swimelar CPA's key challenges was being able to effectively manage a growing client base with a small team. That year, Michael Swimelar decided to help his team organize state payroll regulations and more easily meet client needs.

After adopting GQueues, Swimelar CPA relied heavily on its tagging feature to organize client information. Team members now tag payroll tasks by each state in which their clients reside. They then process payroll for all the clients under a given tag, and know they have accounted for that state's payroll regulations.

By using GQueues to organize client tasks and payroll deadlines, the team is now able to accomplish larger volumes of work. They also are able to prevent careless mistakes and government fines for missed deposit dates. This reduces stress in the office, and helps the team improve the client experience.

"With GQueues we're able to deliver much higher quality service. The collaboration it enables for our business is huge - I’m really happy with it.” Michael noted.

To learn more, read our full case study with Swimelar CPA.

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