Monday, May 4, 2015

Customer Spotlight: Martinovsky Law Doubles Case Load with GQueues

This blog is part of the GQueues 2015 Customer Success series. Every week through May, we will feature a valued customer’s experience to showcase how their organization increases productivity, collaboration and efficiency using GQueues. To view all the success stories, please visit

Martinovsky Law is a four-person law firm based in San Francisco, CA, representing cases in personal injury, civil litigation, international business and more. Michael Martinovsky, Attorney at Law, leads the team with two Attorneys of Counsel and the Operations Manager.

In 2011, Martinovsky Law faced a growing client base with a relatively small team. The firm needed a solution that would help them collaborate and organize case information more effectively to prevent work from falling through the cracks. Martinovsky introduced GQueues as the company's task manager and the team improved their ability to handle large volumes of work with GQueues' shared queues and task assignments feature. They now stay up to date with all their tasks, cases and assignments in the office or on the go using the GQueues iOS mobile app.

Since integrating GQueues into the firm, Martinovsky Law has doubled their caseload. The whole team works more efficiently and now provides higher quality service to clients by easily accessing tasks and collaborating through GQueues. Martinovsky stated, “Because we’ve organized our assignments, we’ve been able to grow without fear of things getting lost.”

To learn more about how Martinovsky Law benefits from GQueues, read our full case study here.

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