Thursday, June 18, 2015

VIDEO: How Your Team Can Work Together in GQueues

Need an easier way to get your team on the same page?

GQueues Shared Queues enable real-time, collaborative task management with Google-Apps integration. Working on Shared Queues, your team can create meeting agendas, assign tasks and collaborate on projects from any location. Shared Queues also sync with GQueues for iOS and Android, so you can stay updated and work on-the-go.

To improve your team’s productivity, learn how to use GQueues Shared Queues in the video below!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Faster Way to Manage Your Tasks in GQueues

Do you want a faster way to manage your tasks?

Watch our new Keyboard Shortcuts tutorial video, where you’ll learn how to perform almost every action in GQueues with simple keyboard commands.

Keyboard shortcuts are not only easy to use; they also improve your productivity, saving you about eight work days per year.

To let go of your mouse and work more efficiently, learn the keyboard shortcuts below!