Thursday, October 22, 2009

Queue the Video

Attending the Chicago International Film Festival the past two weeks got me in the mood to make some videos of my own! So without further adieu I present the GQueues Quick Tour video which gives an excellent overview of everything you can do with GQueues.

And I couldn't stop with just one film, so we also introduced a new help section, Video Tutorials, which has 5 new videos showing detailed steps on how to use the most popular features of GQueues, including a great Getting Started clip which I recommend for anyone new to GQueues. We've already received a lot of positive feedback about this section and will continue to add clips over the next several weeks.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time for Reminders

GQueues added two new features this evening to help people stay on top of things even more: times and reminders. If your making a list of tasks due dates are great, but sometimes you want to set a specific time for an item. Now you can add times to your due dates when you need to be more precise. And of course everything still syncs with your Google Calendar, so if you set an item's time in GQueues and then change it through the Google Calendar site, it gets changed in GQueues as well.

Along with the addition of times, you can now set reminders for any item that has a date (or time). You get to choose how to be notified (email, pop-up, or text message) and how much advance notice you want. Now you'll never forget about your top priorities! (NOTE: Reminders are only available if you have enabled Google Calendar integration with GQueues).

To keep your Google Calendar clean, a new setting was added to GQueues as a bonus, which allows you to hide all completed items on your Google Calendar (otherwise they show up with a checkmark next to them).

Thanks again to everyone for your comments and suggestions in the forum. It's great to get feedback from you to help guide the development of the product. (I know there are a lot of great features that were suggested that haven't been implemented yet, but I will continue to work down my list as time permits)!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Collaboration noteworthy

In the past week we have introduced two new features on GQueues that you have requested for quite some time. Last Saturday we added notes for list items. There is only so much space in the item's name, and often you want to put more details along with the summary. So beneath each item is an expandable notes section where you can type all the info you want, including links to other sites.

Today we rolled out the much anticipated collaboration feature for shared queues. Sharing has been part of GQueues for several months now, but friends could only view a person's list, which is informative, but not all that useful. With the introduction of collaboration, you can now designate others as collaborators for a queue, which gives them the ability to update and change the queue so you can build lists together. And everything is kept in sync in real-time, so multiple people can work on a list at the same and see the others' changes live.

The power of collaborative queues has the potential to make life a lot simpler. For instance, one could easily create a grocery queue and make everyone in the house collaborators. As people think of items they need they simply add it to the list. The next time anyone is at the store they just pull up the collaborative queue on their iPhone to see the most current list to make sure everyone gets what they want.

Or let's say you're planning a camping trip with friends, together you could brainstorm a list of places you might want to go with details and links on each item. With another collaborative queue you could list out all the items needed and people can easily indicate what they can bring.

The possibilities are plentiful and we'd love to hear how you are using the new collaboration feature in GQueues to make life easier.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

GQueues finds calling on iPhone

We're happy to announce a new version of GQueues specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch! Check out the full details here or simply go to in Safari on your iPhone to get started.

The iPhone version has already received an astounding response because it, "brings GQueues into your everyday life," so you can check off your grocery list while at the store or add new movies to see right after you watch the previews in the theater. See the featured listing of GQueues in Apple's directory of iPhone web apps.

How are you using GQueues on the go?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

GQueues goes public

The GQueues team has been working hard to bring you more useful features for your list-making appetites! Over the weekend we unveiled the ability to publish your queues so they can be embedded in a blog or any web page for all to see. Whenever you modify items in a published queue the changes are instantly reflected in the embedded version. Of course once people start publishing you will probably find queues that you want to add to your account, so we added an easy import feature as well.

As a quick example of the publish feature, below we have posted our queue of features we will be rolling out in the near future.

As an added bonus we've also given you the ability to duplicate any of your own queues as a way to jumpstart a new list.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

E-Learning Pick of the Day

A special welcome to all users coming from the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies. GQueues was recently added to the Directory of Learning Tools at the Centre and was featured as the E-Learning Pick of the Day on Wednesday.

We've been receiving MANY requests for a GQueues widget for iGoogle and Gmail and your appeals have definitely been heard! This feature is at the top of our list and we hope to have a widget out in the next week or two. Soon we will post a roadmap of upcoming features so you know what to expect in the future.

If you find GQueues useful please Digg us to help spread the word.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

GQueues friends, shares on the rise

The stock market may be collapsing, but shares at GQueues are being distributed to everyone! Again, at the request of our users, with the latest release we've added the ability to share your queues with others. Now with every queue you create you can choose to share it with anyone who has an email address. And to make things easy, we've integrated with Google Contacts so you don't have to remember that Susan's email is actually Queues shared with you show up in a new "Friend Queues" panel, which you can organize just like your own queues and categories.

So whether it's your list of "Best Restaurants under $20" or the "10 Things I Want in a Man," keep your friends in the loop by sharing your queues!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dragon Droppings

We've received a widespread response from users that dragging list items to reorder them is one of the best features of this app....and they want more! So last week we pulled out our magic wand and conjured up dragon droppings for the entire site. With the smoke now cleared, you can sort and view all of your categories at once, drag queues into new categories, and even drag list items to different queues.

Thanks to all for the feedback we've received so far! Your comments will definitely shape the future of this app.

What other features do you want in GQueues?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

GQueues launched

With the long awaited blue sky and sun making an appearance today in Chicago it made for a perfect afternoon to launch GQueues, our new "list management" application.  As a long time list lover and avid user of all things Google, I am quite excited to be able to now store my copious amounts of lists in a place that integrates with all the other Google products I use.  

The idea for this app spawned in late 2008 when I realized I wanted ubiquitous access to my lists (currently spread across my coffee table, work cube, backpack, kitchen and nightstand), but was unsatisfied with the current "list making" websites.  With the holidays near full swing and the bone-chilling temperatures looming omniously it seemed like the perfect time to ramp up on a new project!  

So after many late nights and lattes, the GQueues team is happy to release the beta version of the site for your feedback and enjoyment.  Get started at and let us know what you think!