Thursday, June 7, 2012

How To Add Images to Task Notes in GQueues

This post is part of the series, "Tips & Tricks Thursdays," which highlights ways you can take advantage of GQueues to be even more productive.

Attaching files to tasks is not yet available in GQueues, though it is on the roadmap and will be developed in the coming months. However, there is a simple trick for including images with tasks which you can use right now. When typing the notes for a task, paste in the URL to an image already on the web.  This could be a publicly available image or even one stored in your Google Drive.

When you click out of the notes, a thumbnail will be appear for easy reference. Clicking the thumbnail will display the full size image at its original location.  

Note: The image URL must end with one of the following extensions: .jpg .jpeg .png .gif .bmp .webp


  1. Hi, you say that you can use an image from Google Drive; however, google drive doesn't store images you upload to a permanent URL. E.g., there is no url ending in *.jpg, *gif, etc. So, how do you store an image on your google drive and have the thumbnail show up in a gqueues task?

    1. Well, unfortunately it takes a little work to get images on Drive to show up.

      This post shows how to get permalinks to your Drive images.

      Essentially, you need to change the sharing option to "Anyone with a link" and then use a URL with this format:

      replacing FILEID with the actual ID

      The "type=jpg" at the end gets the thumbnail to show up in GQueues.

      With the addition of Google Drive integration in GQueues this will be MUCH easier. Development is starting this month.

  2. Did this ever become easier? I tried following directions above, and can't see thumbnail, and the link as described doesn't link to image at all.

    1. We recommend attaching images to tasks now instead of putting links in the notes: