Thursday, January 31, 2013

GQueues for Android Now Available on Google Play

The GQueues app for Android™ is now available on Google Play™!

In a survey of GQueues users last summer the number one request was the development of a native Android app, and I'm happy to finally deliver this much-awaited addition.

Android app on Google Play
Built from the ground-up, the native GQueues Android app features reliable background syncing, voice input of tasks and home-screen widgets for quick access.  With a customized layout for both phones and tablets, and compatibility with Android 2.2 and above, the GQueues app for Android provides an optimal user experience on a wide array of devices.  The 90+ users who helped beta-test the app over the last month described it as having a "fast interface, clean design and great depth of functionality." Take a tour of the app with the video tutorial below, or better yet, download it now and try it out yourself.
Read the full documentation of the GQueues app for Android here. A GQueues paid subscription is required to use the app, or you can test it out with a 2-week free trial.  All existing GQueues Lite users can test out the app with a new 2-week free trial, even if they've used a free trial in the past.

And if you don't have an Android device, not to worry, you haven't been forgotten.  Development of a native iOS app for iPhones and iPads is beginning shortly.

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  1. I can ONLY try that for 2 weeks?
    You can be better than that!

  2. This looks like a fantastic app... Could be the one I've been waiting for!

    Under the pricing (which looks reasonable), I have a question... For collaborative sharing, is a paid account required for both parties?

    In other words, I could see myself being a heavy user with my work-related queues, but would also like a collaborative queue with my wife, for groceries, for example.

    If I were to have a paid account, paying essentially a "second $25/yr" for that on her account wouldn't make sense, since that shared queue is all she'd use it for.

  3. Only the person sharing the queue needs a subscription. You can share the grocery queue with your wife in collaborative mode (since you have a subscription). She can add to it using GQueues Lite (free). Only if she wants to share her own queues does she need a subscription. Full details on how sharing works here:

  4. I'm a new user. Android app was my only holdout. Thanks for the great app!

  5. Looks great Cameron! Now I'm really itching for an iPhone version.

  6. Cameron:

    I am very happy to see this Android App. After stepping away for several years, I am ready to begin again now that there is a native APP!

    I have on again off again tried to incorporate GQueues into my routine, but, even though I loved the non-Android APP, I just could not make it work for me. Now, I believe I can.

    All my old items still exist, because I have kept up my subscription knowing you would get HERE! The only issue I now have is that somehow I have ended up with two GQueue calendars in my GMAIL calendars, both which have items in them. My question is this: how do I combine them now into one, and delete the one that is not going to be used from now on?

    1. Welcome back, Rick! I'll email your directly so we can get your calendars straightened out. -Cameron

  7. I was excited to check the new things out as I love GQ design and use of Google, but a widget that keeps my due tasks in front of my face is important. Any thoughts on having a real widget, because that is the last thing keeping me in Toodledo with an eye on MLO 4.0?

    Any way a third party developer could create one with the way the data is stored? Any public API? Might help pull in developer interest. I ask, because it might be an interesting side project.

    Last thought. The free trial is nice, but I might suggest 30 or 60 days. Two weeks isn't really long enough to make people want to switch there system, just enough time to poke around. If you do 60 days, people could commit and get hooked. Then they willingly pay. I suspect you would only gain paying customers, but it might need testing to verify.

    BTW, calendar integration is very nice.

    1. Yes, a widget to display tasks on your home screen for a specific queue/smart queue will be the first big enhancement for the app. Thanks for the suggestions!

  8. Great! I`liked:) Thanks.

  9. Why not make mobile app for BB10 OS from Blackberry

  10. Replies
    1. Sorry, you must have a GQueues subscription in order to use the Android app.