Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Follow this Advice to Hold Your Teams Accountable

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of interviewing Darcy Morgan, CCO of Enerjet, a top-rated Canadian charter airline. Enerjet began using GQueues one year ago to help its teams collaborate better and manage tasks in the cloud.

The most notable benefit Enerjet has gained from using GQueues is greater accountability among its 100+ employees and delivering higher levels of service. Here are the key steps the company took to help teams get there.

Enerjet’s 3 Steps to Better Accountability:

1. Find an easy-to-learn tool. No matter how adept a tool may be, teams need to be able to use it intuitively to reap the benefits. Enerjet teams started working on GQueues shortly after its introduction to the company because, according to Darcy, “It's almost as easy as a sticky note, but much more valuable, since tasks in GQueues are shareable, trackable and manageable.”

2. Build on current systems. To be most effective, a tool must integrate with core existing systems in the workplace. Enerjet has been committed to Google Apps since their launch, a platform many businesses are using to enhance collaboration. Since GQueues integrates with Google, Enerjet easily coordinates teamwork through Drive, Gmail, Chrome, Calendar and Contacts, improving their efficiency without added effort.

3. Make collaboration automatic. When assignments are visible to all team members, there’s no question of who’s responsible for completing work on time. Enerjet teams use GQueues’ shared queues which allow them to create, share and assign tasks all in one place. This helps team members stay organized and accountable for completing their work.

To learn more about Enerjet’s success in holding teams accountable and improving their productivity as a whole, read our case study with them here.

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