Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Review Changes and Track Progress with the New Activity Panel and Notifications

GQueues makes it easy to share queues with others, allowing all collaborators to complete tasks, update details, and delegate work. However, we've heard from teams that they also want to know when specific changes are made, see who completed tasks, and receive notifications when tasks are deleted. With today's launch of the Activity Panel and expanded Notifications we're bringing users this functionality and a whole lot more!

Activity Panel
The new Activity Panel shows the history of all activity in a queue, which allows you to easily review changes made by you and other collaborators. All actions are grouped by date, and previous data is shown crossed out so you know exactly what changed over time.
You can even filter the panel for particular types of actions, such as completing or deleting tasks, allowing you to quickly identify important changes. Watch the video below to see how the Activity Panel can help you track progress.

The new expanded set of Notifications now provide alerts about ANY change in a shared queue. You can set the desired notifications for your entire account, and then customize those settings for specific shared queues. Want to know whenever a task is completed on an important project? Need to monitor when due dates change? Curious when tasks are added to your team's list? You can now trigger alerts for any of these events (and more!) so you're always in the loop. Watch the video to see how email and web notifications simplify communication with your team.

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